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40 years of Community Radio, 1981 - 2021. Listener Supported, Volunteer Operated!

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Thanks to everyone who donates to WEFT Community Radio. In the summer of 2022 we plan to have a new roof installed. It will replace our aging 30 year old roof which leaks in a few areas.

WEFT is also working on a project to reroute our STL signal path to our transmitter since a new hotel in downtown Champaign will block our current path.

Though our Pledge Drive is over, it's never too late to donate!

WEFT History and Info

You can read a short version of WEFT's history here

Interestingly back in 1937 the upstairs of WEFT's building 113 1/2 and Dave Monk's building 115 1/2 were a gambling establishment. Thanks to the Urbana Free Library Archives, here's a story about Champaign's Gambling Hotspots one of which was the Turf Club part of Gamblers Row

Joe Lex, was one of WEFT's Founders (and partly repsonsible for some of those vinyl records we have stored up in our attic). He recently dug up this little bit of WEFT History. Here's an early vision of what our Programming would be, Joe Lex - WEFT's 1981 Programming Vision

WEFT Video from the 90's
Clips of many WEFTies who helped make WEFT what it is today. How many do you recognize?

WEFT on Wikipedia

Listen to WEFT online

Listen Live!

Listen to WEFT's live broadcast in your browser, choose TuneIn to take WEFT anywhere on your smartphone or use your preferred streaming player on your computer.

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Two Week Music Archives are Back!

WEFT Spinitron Calendar

Thanks to our partners at Spinitron
many of our music shows will once again be archived

Go to our Spinitron Calendar page and click on any of the green colored shows. You'll be able to start an in-browser player.

Copyright restrictions require us to start all playbacks at the beginning of each show, and you can't jump forward or back. If you want to listen to part of the 2nd hour of the show, you have to wait till the player gets there.

Look for the in-browser player - click on the triangle to start playback.

Spinitron Ark player

Because of copyright restrictions music shows can only remain online for two weeks. They also can't be downloaded or podcast.

Public Affairs Archives!

Most of your favorite Public Affairs shows have been archived on a weekly basis by WEFT's own volunteers. We have archives of some shows going back to 2015.

Go to our Public Affairs page to listen to shows such as Disability Beat, Higher Ground, News From Neptune, Radio Free Labor and The Prairie Monk.

HVAC Project 2 Compressors

HVAC project

On Monday May 10 2021 WEFT had our 30 year old Furnace and Air Conditioner unit replaced. Here's a photo on WEFT's roof showing the new AC Compressor and the old compressor being hoisted away.

This new HVAC unit should be far more energy efficient and has increased filtering to keep WEFT's volunteers healthy!

With the crane in place on Market St. we also asked the installers to help us remove some old unused satellite dishes that had been on WEFT's roof for years.

To see another picture of one of the dishes being hoisted away visit our WEFT Media Page

Thanks again to all our loyal donors who've made this much needed improvement to our infrastructure possible.

Revised WEFT COVID Policy

(revised March 4, 2022)

With the CDC and State of Illinois masks mandates having had recent changes the WEFT Board of Directors wanted to send an update. Please remember, based on the case counts and variants WEFT will adjust accordingly. The CDC has a site that you can check the state and county for community levels (low, medium or high). Currently Champaign County is at the medium level, which translates to:

  • If you are at a high risk for serious illness, talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions
  • Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines
  • Get tested if you have symptoms
CDC Map - COVID by County

As of March 2, 2022 the BOD are standing by the recommendations:
People who come into the station, may choose to use a mask due to their own or a family member's health risk. Each individual's choice should be respected. Please continue to sanitize and cleanup after your time at the station.

The Board of Directors recommends that any volunteer who has been in WEFT's facility and tests positive or has been exposed to COVID/variants should:

  • Send email to: boardchair at weft dot org stating your positive results.
  • Include a list of any other WEFT volunteers that you were in contact with. The BOD make every effort to notify those affected.
  • Stay away from WEFT for at least 5 days, per CUPHD recommendation
  • If you are unable to produce your show, please email: programming at weft dot org

In order to continue keeping WEFT as a safe environment for all of our volunteers your cooperation is required. Thanks in advance for your adherence to WEFT's COVID-19 policies/procedures.

COVID or not: If you are not feeling well, please stay at home.

WEFT Board of Directors

WEFT is a member of the NFCB
- National Federation of Community Broadcasters

NFCB Statement on Black Lives Matter and the Death of George Floyd

(Please read the entire statement at the link above, but here's one paragraph that is typical of the statement.)

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters maintains that fairness and justice depend on acknowledging social and historical context. NFCB stands allied with the movement for Black lives. We believe the voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color must be heard. We are here, ready to listen and support.

Antenna Video

In the spring of 2020 WEFT completed a project our volunteers had worked on for a couple years. Order a new antenna and get it installed on a new, taller tower. This video documents some of the project

Youtube Antenna Video

thanks Mark Niswander

You can view this and other WEFT related videos on our Youtube Page

WEFT's Rotational Underwriters

Visit our Community Partners page for the complete list. Thanks to all of them for their support over the years. Please support them by doing business with them

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